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  1. The Army Of The 12 Monkeys // FREE DOWNLOAD
    Corrosive & The Massacre

  2. Succulent EP (coming on vinyl soon)

  3. Little Birdies EP
    The Massacre, DJ Freak, Corrosive, Vojeet

  4. The Undisputed Truth EP
    DJ Freak

  5. Vergessen Werden Wir Nie EP
    Lord Nord & 909 Junkies

  6. 22-9-19 TNI mixes on // FREE DOWNLOAD

  7. Epsilon/Hedonist - Waste More Time EP
    Epsilon / Hedonist

  8. Spells Of Destruction EP

  9. TNI Australian Special - Toxic Sickness Radio 15.2.2019 // FREE DOWNLOAD

  10. Act Like U Know EP
    DJ Narotic vs The Ctrl

  11. Lost Planet EP
    The Massacre

  12. Industrial Suicide EP
    DJ Freak

  13. Untitled EP

  14. Totale Dunkelheit EP
    The Kotzaak Klan feat. DJ Skinhead

  15. TNI Unapologetic Mixes // FREE DOWNLOAD

  16. Groovy! EP

  17. TNI Unapologetic Tour 2018 EP

  18. Jump Subroutines EP
    Amiga Shock Force

  19. Ruins EP

  20. Alter Destiny EP
    DJ Freak

  21. Re:Fusion Remix Contest EP
    Mirra, Drokz, Liquid Blasted, Somtek, Vojeet, Brutal Jesters, La Magra

  22. I Save A Bullet For You EP
    The Sinner, The Massacre, iGoA, Ma_Mo_Mu, Loffciamcore

  23. Tales And Lies EP
    Seven Voices

  24. Prelude For A Nominalistik Attack EP
    Mental D-Struction

  25. Never Meant For The World Of The Living EP
    La Magra

  26. Kill The J-Core EP
    Burning Lazy Persons

  27. Split Personality EP
    The Speed Freak, DJ Fistfuck, The Shapeshifter, Wendy Milan

  28. Farme Ta Yeule Criss De Cave EP
    DJ Mutante

  29. You Want Some Chaos? We Give You War! EP
    Rotator, Somtek, The Outside Agency, Jimmy S, Fexomat

  30. Headquarter EP
    Raw State, Gabba Front Berlin, Qualkommando, Terrorbunny, Drokz, Tense & Nevermind, Paranoizer

  31. The Valkyries Vigil EP
    The Tyrant Nevermind, Tense Deadnoise, DJ Mutante, Satronica , C1B2 ScreamerClauz, Substance Abuse

  32. Pangea Fennoskandia EP
    Scandal, S.C.A.N., Voldo, Pionierkommando 36, Violentus

  33. TerrorNoize Industry EP 8
    Corrosive, Jensen, GFB, Bonehead Prince Ov Darkness, Drokz, The Teknoist, Moleculez Psykotropp

  34. TerrorNoize Industry EP 7
    Industrial Terror Squad, Sarin Assault, Fast Forward, TerrorMasta

  35. TerrorNoize Industry EP 6
    Speed Freak, German Rhythm Disaster, Tetsuo, Epsilon, Noize Creator, Jensen, The Massacre, Bonehead

  36. TerrorNoize Industry EP 5
    Matt Green, Tieum, The SIckest Squad, The Destroyer, Amiga Shock Force, Demegy

  37. TerrorNoize Industry EP 4
    Gabba Front Berlin, Noisekick, Bonehead, Capcom, Akira, Drokz

  38. TerrorNoize Industry EP 3
    Industrial Terror Squad, I:gor, Lowtek Bula, Untapped IQ, Ram, R. Shock, The Riotudder

  39. TerrorNoize Industry EP 2
    Qualkommando, Koney, German Rhythm Disaster, Sonic Overkill, TerrorMasta

  40. TerrorNoize Industry EP 1
    Jensen, Bula, iGoA, Inapt

  41. Hate All Humans EP
    Jensen The Massacre, EBE Company Gabba Front Berlin, Lowtek

  42. The Lost Luggage EP
    Jensen, The Massacre, Lowtek

  43. TNI Meets Sacred Forces
    9 Shots, Corrosive, Vendetta, Mr Courage

  44. Sacred Forces Meets TNI
    Homeboy, Beatcrusher, Noisekick

  45. Ernestina 2010
    The Destroyer

  46. Autumn Of The Heretics EP
    La Magra

  47. When The Music Wakes Up The Demon In You
    Jimmy S

  48. Burst Tires Cause Flight Delay In Hong Kong EP

  49. TerrorNoize Industry Limited # 3
    Qualkommando, iGoA, Noize Creator

  50. TerrorNoize Industry Limited # 2
    Frazzbass, Noisekick

  51. TerrorNoize Industry Limited # 1
    Jensen, The Massacre, Stormtrooper

  52. Massive Aggressive Tour '10 - Remix Contest // FREE DOWNLOAD
    Bonehead, Jimmy S, Nawoto Suzuki, Somtek, KRTM


Terrornoize Industry Zürich, Switzerland

Terrornoize Industry
A Swiss HarTcore to Speedcore label based in Zurich / Switzerland. Founded in 2001.


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